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When the shoot doesn't go as planned...

When we all got to the location for this shoot, miss blaire let us know right away that she wasn't really interested in having her picture taken. Much like me, she just wanted to eat donuts and relax. After all, it wasn't even 8am yet...

So we spent just over an hour chasing ducks, eating donuts, and trying all the tricks in the book to get a great family photo of this sweet family of 4.

Finally her mama looks at me and says, "ok, I have to call it. Maybe we can try to get a few at our house where she is happier?" I agreed and off we went.

Once we got to their house all anyone could talk about was how they couldn't wait to put on sweats...and the idea struck!

Lets do a "real" family photo!

So everyone got comfy in their favorite home outfits. And I got to take my favorite family photos I have taken yet...

This shoot was a complete blast! Thanks to the Willets for having amazing ideas, and even better attitudes!

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